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Consultancy: Clean Technology & Energy Transition

Consultancy: Clean Technology & Energy Transition

Consultancy: Clean Technology & Energy Transition is at the heart of maritime decarbonisation

  • improving vessel efficiency (lower fuel and power consumption) and emissions reduction – through retrofit and application of new technology and techniques.
  • enabling ‘net zero’ through transition to clean energy sources e.g. offshore floating wind

Helping clients evaluate, commercialise and roadmap towards improved vessel efficiency

Low carbon, clean technology to improve vessel efficiency is at the heart of Houlder’s thinking and strategy. We get involved with new technology evaluation from an independent, experienced standpoint. Decades of vessel knowledge helps us identify challenges, generate options and assess what will work in practice. Case Studies

Our areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Energy efficiency technology in which we look at propulsion, resistance, operation and machinery
  • Alternative fuel strategy
  • Emission reduction including engine technologies, fuel cells and carbon capture

Air Lubrication Systems

Energy Transition

Offshore Floating Wind represents a massive opportunity assuming technical, commercial and logistical hurdles can be overcome. Many of these challenges play to Houlder’s core capabilities e.g. structural analysis, hydrodynamics and mooring and our familiarity with the offshore environment.

Operational Analysis

Houlder professionals have a wealth of experience to share regarding marine operations including operations, port infrastructure, fleet management, crewing and chartering. This, coupled with the in-house capability to model systems, means clients can benefit from sound and well thought through analysis. Houlder has supported government and commercial clients in this way. Case Studies