Our Company


Houlder’s team is working with clients to ensure projects don’t miss a beat through the Covid-19 outbreak. Exceptional circumstances are a challenge, not an excuse.

Our number one priority is to keep everyone safe. We’re following government advice closely with people working well from home, meeting virtually and only travelling when it is essential. All this is already in place with minimal disruption to client commitments.

We’ll keep promises. Live work will be delivered and we’ll be ready for what’s next. Our technology infrastructure is built around remote working. Our professionals are well versed in working across our offices, at odd times of the day and at arms’ length from our clients. Should any fall ill, we have a depth and breadth of capability within the business and through our network of associates to get through most scenarios.

We have the capacity to do more and are hungry to help out wherever the need arises. Our market specialists will be redoubling efforts to stay in close contact with their client counterparts. Reassuringly, the conversations we have had centre on stoically, pragmatically getting on with things. That’s music to our ears and mirrors our approach to the coming months.

We continue to assess this fluid situation and review our business continuity plans accordingly.

We will do the right thing to support the entire Houlder community at all times.