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Pile Handling Crane Shock Absorbers

Houlder’s Crane Shock Absorbers mitigate risk by managing runaway hammers during offshore pile foundation installation. This prevents damage to the vessel or crane and supports quick recovery and reset.

Click here to download the Crane Shock Absorber Data Sheet

The Crane Shock Absorbers fit between the crane hook and hammer in the lifting chain. No modifications to the crane or hammer are required and impact on lifting procedures is minimal. Self-contained hydraulic units provide safe locking and quick recovery and retraction.

Houlder supplies shock absorbers for hammers ranging from 70t. Modular design means units can be combined to deliver a wider range of capacities. A  “twin arrangement” example provides 600t capacity.

Crane Shock Absorber key features;

  • Improves safety of offshore pile hammering operations
  • Modular and self-contained system
  • Hammer runaway acceleration controlled < 4 metre displacement
  • Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) < 1.5